The following links are to entities or resource-sites which can provide or already contain information in subject-areas often asked about. In addition, these links may be able to offer further hands-on help in addressing issues that may be confronting you or your project.

Locate Your Site in Areas Known for Expansive/Collapsible Soils, Fissures, Other Issues:

Expansive Soils Map of Arizona

Earth Fissures Index Map Arizona

Soil Properties: Shrink / Swell Potential NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service

Information About Soils NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service

Contact the Arizona Environmental Regulators:

ADEQ: Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Contact the Arizona Real Estate and Subdivision Regulator:

Arizona Department of Real Estate

Contact the Arizona Corporation Commission or Securities Department:

Corporation Commission

Construction and Repair Ideas:


Code College Online Training

Building Green

Alana Studios of Design

Contact the Regulators for Architects, Engineers, Home Inspectors, Surveyors, Landscape Architects and Others:

Board of Technical Registration

Contact the Federal Environmental Authorities; Learn of Contaminated Environments:

EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Expert Construction Consultants:

National BuildMasters

Repairs for Concrete Issues:

Learn About Mold and Mold Abatement:

Investigating, Evaluating, and Remediating Moisture and Mold Problems

National Association for Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors

Contact the Arizona Regulators of Contractors:

ROC (Registrar of Contractors)

Meet the Press on Defective Homes:

Hot Off the Press!

Contact the Arizona Officials Regulating Pest Control and Mold:

Structural Pest Control

Learn Materials and Applications Issues; National Standards:

ASTM, American Society of Testing and Materials

Private Consumer Organizations

HADD, Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings

Consumer Federation of America

Arizona Consumers Council